Workshops, workshops, workshops

I’ve gone to two DCWW workshops so far.

The first one, on PHP, was a great but TOO  SHORT overview of the scripting language at WestLake Internet Training.  I would definitely like to get more experience with it.  PHP is used to make webpages more dynamic and my own pages are pretty boring and static right now. 🙂  You can also use PHP in combination with mySQL to hook into a database and use its contents on a website.  Now, that is something I really want to learn more about.  But I think I’ll have to take a full mySQL class to get it.

The second workshop/seminar was on digital photography, another great but short overview.  This one was held at a Penn Camera downtown.  The woman who gave it, Melanie, has worked in photography for a long time and really seemed to know her stuff.  Most of the time was spent with her answering all of our questions about digital cameras.  I realized right off the bat that mine is woefully out of date. 🙁 Looks like that might be my next big purchase.  And, unfortunately, we all have the same camera in my family so we are all in the same boat.  One thing I was excited to find out about was Washington Photo Safari.  Melanie is one of the people who leads these tours.  I may go on one this weekend.

I also attended a DCWW dinner bunch in Bethesda last Monday.  My sister gets together with fellow pet sitters to talk shop and this was the same kind of thing, but with web women! I’m just so excited to meet all these women who are as interested in web tech stuff as I am.

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