Web women rule!

I went to a steering committee meeting on Wednesday of DC Web Women, an organization of women who work in the web field.  The main part of the organization is a mailing list, where we talk about web stuff, technology, jobs, etc.  But it was great at the meeting to hear about all the other stuff they do, and just meet all of the women who run it in person.  I am now signed up for two workshops and plan to offer my services to help with outreach.

The first workshop is on PHP.  I took a class in it years ago, through HWG, but I could definitely use a refresher.  We are in the process of converting our website at work to PHP, so it will come in handy. The other workshop is just for fun: tips and tricks for digital photography.  I love taking pictures but I’m a complete amateur without much of a clue about what I’m doing.  I get some great pictures every once in a while but I’m sure it’s just luck!

My new business cards finally came this week, and I picked them up this morning. I’m very happy with how they turned out.  Vistaprint does good work.

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