Vile advertising

I recently become aware of a new kind of web advertising practice. I’ve only seen it on one site, although I’m sure others use it. And it is positively VILE. The person who thought it up should burn in hell. The site I’ve seen it on is ScienceDaily. For example a story on Neptune’s moon Triton has green underlined links in the text. These are NOT links to related stories keyed on the highlighted word, but instead rolling your mouse over them brings a pseudo-popup window that contains a link to a site wanting to sell you something that has perhaps a most tenuous connection or association with the underlined word. I can tolerate ads before, after, on sides of, or even as floating images in the article. But sneaking them into the text itself? That is so many forms of disgusting…

Thankfully, if you have the Adblock and Adblock Filterset.G extensions for Firefox (no one should use any other browser), this stuff gets blocked automatically.

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