Valley Forge

It wasn’t REALLY on the way home exactly, but close enough. I made Rob take us to Valley Forge after we saw Nine Inch Nails in Atlantic City. He didn’t mind.

I had been to Valley Forge once before, on a junior high school field trip. Can’t say I remember much, though.

It was a dreary November day but the fall colors were out. We drove around to a lot of the stops on the driving tour. The National Memorial Arch (seen here), a covered bridge in the park, some of the old quarters. Washington’s Headquarters was closed, unfortunately. Looks like I will have to go back again.

History of the area: This is where the Continental Army under George Washington spent the winter of 1778. Conditions were horrible and the army was poorly trained and equipped. Prussian officer Friedrich Wilhelm von Steuben was brought in to remedy the training part and he succeeded in turning our boys into a force with a fighting chance.

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