Long overdue update 2012

I, as always, have been sadly neglecting my blog. So, here’s what’s been going on.

Longwood Gardens Lily

Lily at the Longwood Gardens orchid show.

I tried once again to get a job in California this year, this time at Orange Coast College, my dad’s alma mater. No go. Starting to lose hope that I will find a full time teaching job out there. But I’ll keep looking.

I had a lovely time at this years Boskone, where John Scalzi was the guest of honor. The convention made me excited all over again to write, though I still haven’t accomplished much in that area. But I will someday soon, I swear!

I’ve also been spending a lot of time with the DC Area Flower Safari Meetup group, taking lots and lots of pictures of flowers. The organizer, Patty, is a total doll. You’d think it would get boring after a while, but it really doesn’t. Of course, I have a horrifically long backlog of pictures to upload to Flickr, but that’s to be expected. You can see one of my lily pictures here, from Longwood Gardens in PA.

For work, I attended a workshop on outreach for the August 2017 total solar eclipse, which should be an amazing event five years from now. I’m doing a poster at the January 2013 AAS Meeting on what we are doing for it at the Observatory.

As far as travel goes, I took two trips to California this year (one for that job interview, one for fun to show Rob what it’s like out there), one to New York with Rob, and a vacation in Maine with my parents. I made a separate little blog about that last one at Travellerspoint. One big final travel planned for the end of the year: the Not-the-End-of-the-World Cruise. My first cruise and it will be with a bunch of astronomy/space/scifi nerds as we thumb our noses at those silly Mayan predictions (we’ll be at the Mayan ruins of Tulum on the Winter Solstice).

So, that’s the year so far…

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