Why have I had luck recently in taking pictures of these hateful creatures? I can hardly stomach being around them! Ok, ok, I know they aren’t really evil and are an important part of the ecosystem.  But they just better not come near me!

The first one lived for a time in my family’s chicken coop in Middletown, Maryland.  It didn’t bother the hens and seemed to have a steady diet of critters.  But eventually it moved on, who knows where.  I’m glad I got the chance to capture it though.  My friend Marc told me it’s an orb weaver, though that’s not very specific, since there are many different kinds of orb weavers.

Huntington Beach Spider

Huntington Beach Spider

The second one my sister and I spotted while walking to my aunt’s house in our hometown of Huntington Beach, California.  No clue on its type, another orb weaver?  We saw more than one of the same type living in bushes along the road near her neighborhood.

I welcome the opportunity to shoot more of these creepy things.  Just keep your distance, please!   The zoom is my friend.

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