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On a directive from my bosses to investigate the possibility of creating an RSS feed for our website, I forced myself to start using them this week. And I’m finding that RSS is pretty cool. It’s usually said to stand for Really Simple Syndication and it’s an xml file that allows users to read the headlines from a site (usually a blog or news website) with an aggregator. It makes it easy to see which of your favorite sites have updates on them, without actually going and checking each site manually.

Now, a lot of management software (like that used on blogs) will generate the rss feed code automatically. But since we have nothing like that at my work, I had to figure out another way of generating the rss file. I found the Listgarden program after a short search and had the rss feed set up almost instantly. Not bad for someone who barely knew what RSS was last week! Of course, we aren’t using it on our site yet. We are going to wait for the php switchover. But it is ready and waiting… 🙂

My aggregator of choice is the Sage extension for Firefox. Simple and straightforward to use.

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