Odds and ends

I thought this article, the 25 Worst Tech Products of All Time, from PC World was pretty funny. Number one is AOL. I never lowered myself to using their service, thankfully. Back when I was on dial-up I used Earthlink. My sister still has AOL, I’ve told her for years to get rid of them but I don’t think she ever has completely. Now, I don’t have personal experience with most of the things on the list, fortunately. But I have used RealPlayer, IE 6 (hate, hate, hate!) and Zip drives. Yep, nothing good to say about any of them. 😉

Flickr is a big thing now. It’s an online photo sharing website. (You get an account and upload your photos for the world to see) I have my photo album on my netfirms account at the moment. I’m thinking of migrating them all over to Flickr. It’s actually similar to del.icio.us, in that whatever you save there you tag with categories and that’s how they can be seen by other people who are interested in that category.

A magazine for people who make websites: A List Apart. Hmmm, right up my alley. 😀

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