Love of learning…

I love my job. It’s not earth-shatteringly exciting but I feel like I’m learning so much! 😀 I just signed up for an XML class through HWG. I really know little about the subject (it stands for eXtensible Markup Language) but it’s supposed to be the next step in the evolution of web markup languages, past HTML and XHTML. I know ALOT about HTML and a little XHTML, which is really just the bridge between the two other languages. Apparently XML lets you write your own markup tags, if I understand it correctly. (I said I know little!)

I also want to convert all my websites to PHP, like we are doing at work to our site. It gives you lots more possibilities than just straight HTML. And of course, I’m done with tables for layout! Gots to put my CSS skills into full effect…

I started writing at work today what I want to call a “validation/accessibility manifesto” (my supervisor may object to that term, though!). There’s a lot of stuff we need to correct during our PHP conversion and since I’m the one who seems to know the most (or maybe that’s CARE the most!) about it in the department, it’s up to me to come up with guidelines for everyone else. I don’t know, it may turn into a rant about “what the hell is the point of coverting to PHP if we are going to have font tags everywhere”…we’ll see. 😉

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