First real post… :)

Ok, what do I say. I’m the Stargirl and I’m trying to start a part-time web design business. This is in addition to my day job as an astronomer for the Navy. I’ve wanted to do this for several years but have never quite gotten everything together. Well, I’m trying to change that and this blog is a start.

One thing that has recently lit a fire under me is joining the DC Web Women mailing list. It’s great hearing all the women talk about their experiences in the field, all the stories and questions and tips. I actually only heard about the list because I saw a link to it on the website of a classmate in the CSS 2.1 class that I am currently taking.

Just last night someone asked me for a business card and I didn’t have one to give her. Urgh! Need to get those and my website done. Lots of work to do… 🙂

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