Facebook has me now

I always refused to join networks like MySpace and Facebook. In my mind they’re for kids. I still feel that way about MySpace. Facebook, I’ve changed my mind about. It seems like a cool way to connect with people you know, people with common interests…although I admit I was mainly attracted by the fact that one of my favorite bands (Nine Inch Nails) recently set up a Facebook page.

Ok, I really started my page a couple of months ago at the behest of a friend, but only in the last week have I done anything with it. I’ve added personal info/interests, linked to my Twitter feed, connected to friends, joined some groups, linked to my Flickr page. Oh there’s just so much you can do, the mind boggles.

It’s almost too much, actually. And it’s another nail in the coffin of the “all-in-one” personal website (see one of my previous posts).

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