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The CSS class (CSS 2.1 in Depth) I have been taking through the HWG is over.  I am a big fan of CSS (cascading style sheets) and the final project we did for the class is a great demonstration of why.  We were given the html for a webpage with the instruction that we were not allowed to alter the html in any way.  We could only create a style sheet to meet the requirements the instructor set forth.  My version is here.  I chose the bright colors on purpose, to set the various section apart.  I know, it’s a little over the top! 🙂  A classmate’s version is here.  Now THAT is a real work of art!  AND IT’S THE SAME WEBPAGE!  (Or rather, the same html code)  It is our style sheets that make all the differences.

The idea is that html should only be used to give your content basic structure.  Everything else should be done with CSS: colors, fonts, sizes, margins, everything that gives the page its “look.”   A big advantage of CSS is that it makes it easy to give your entire site of many individual pages a consistent look.  And if you want to change that look?  You only have to edit the style sheet, not all the separate pages.

What can I say…CSS is just fun! 😀

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