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A little visit to the Huntington

I took a little journey today up to one of my favorite places in the LA area: the Huntington Library. For those who’ve never been there, it’s actually so much more than just a library. It’s a huge botanical garden, … Continue reading

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Hello 2018!

Geez, I have really neglected my website and blog these last few years. I guess moving to the West Coast for a new job, buying a house, and getting married can do that to you… I shall endeavor to do … Continue reading

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Best of 2014

It’s that time of year and I haven’t updated my blog since it was that time last year. So bad!! Anyway, these are my faves from 2014, which will probably show up on my Hugo nomination ballot. Novels Since I … Continue reading

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Best of 2013 (books and stuff)

Hugo nominations are open and everyone’s been putting out their “Best of” lists. Now, no one cares what I think about these things but I can’t resist putting in my two cents. I read A LOT last year. For me, … Continue reading

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The Year that was 2013

It hasn’t been a bad year at all for me. Lots of traveling. In January I attended the Winter AAS meeting in Long Beach, CA, and got to hang with a bunch of my friends from grad school. (Also got … Continue reading

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Rhuarc (2000 – 2013)

It’s been a tough holiday for me. My kitty Rhu (Rhuarc, if you want to get technical) became ill a couple of weeks ago. He stopped eating and eventually masses were found in his chest. My parents, to whom I … Continue reading

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My renewed love of short science fiction/fantasy

I’m a few months late in writing about this but what else is new. I attended Worldcon for the first time this year and thus was eligible to vote for the Hugo Awards for the first time ever. As a … Continue reading

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The Year So Far

Damn, I never update this thing…I really should make the time to do it! What have I done in this year so far? I presented a poster at the Winter AAS meeting in Long Beach, CA. We (my dept. at … Continue reading

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NYC – Empire State Building

NYC – Empire State Building, a photo by etacar11 on Flickr. Just looking at old pictures and was reminded of how much I miss New York. Need to go up there again for a visit. If the date on this … Continue reading

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Cruising to the End of the World

Since you are reading this, the world didn’t actually end, duh! Not that anyone with a brain actually believed it would… But for fun, a bunch of us astronomy/space/science fiction geeks got together for a “Not the End of the … Continue reading

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